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then make the tax code complicated, and they don't solve the fiscal cliff. that is the kind of leaders we have at the moment. lou: terrifying as a word that would come to mind. i don't want to upset anybody. good to have you with us. >> thank you. lou: and a big hollywood weekend, the best thanksgiving weekend. twilight breaking don part two, top spot again. $64 million. for some entertainment. sky fall continues to soar. lincoln's third place, third weekend out, 34 million. in all ticket sales totaling 290 million, breaking the previous thanksgiving record of 2,703,000,000 back in 2009. up next, a cease-fire agreement between israel and hamas is holding up. then he brokered the agreement crabbing startling new power -- powers and plans of the same time he is not another dictator. we're joined. and the other timid consequences of obamacare. half the states taking a pass in the president's plan for exchanges. is obamacare an even bigger bundle them we thought? we take a look in tonight's "chalk talk" the next. and waiting in line. i don't have to leave my desk and get up and go to the post
to france. >> senate majority leader, harry reid said today he remains hopeful congress can prevent fiscal cliff. he spoke to reporters in the capital. >> we had a meeting with the leaders appear in the white house. it went very well. the problem before thanksgiving after the election and since that time there's been little progress with the republicans, which is disappointing to me. they've talked happy talk about doing revenues, but we'll never couple weeks to get something done. so we have to get away from the happy talk and start talking about specific things. in one month, taxes are set to rise for all americans. we passed in the house -- i'm sorry, we passed in the senate a piece of legislation to protect people making less than $250,000 a year. we have rejected on a bipartisan basis the republicans effort to extend tax cuts for everybody. those are the measures we've dealt with on the senate floor. if we fail to reach an agreement, the average middle-class family will see their taxes go up by $2200 a year. as i've indicated, the senate has acted to stop that analysis one vote away f
the fiscal cliff remains a distinct possibility come january 1st, keeping some buyers on the side lines as well. that's what you see here. coming up, governors can't afford to stall. they have to balance their budget. day two of our governors on the edge, our series on how individual states are dealing with the budget mess. it is a fox business exclusive. delaware governor has some ideas. you have to hear what he has to say. the nasdaq, trying to tune out all the noise. if the nasdaq can turn it around and post positive gains here by the close, it will be the seventh straight day of gains, the longest winning streak in 16 months, seven days in a row, and yes, i know, positive gains is redundant. just seeing if you're paying attention. you know what? somebody is always making money. don't ever let the markets fool you. if something is down, somebody else is making money on the other side. let's find out from our traders at the new york stock exchange, cme group and the nymex for our floor show. teddy weisberg, who is making money today? >> it is a market of stocks, not a stock market. yo
senator majority leader harry reid started talking about the fiscal cliff and started sounding less optimistic about it all. bob, give us more details. >> a lot of debate about these reid comments. he did say there was little progress made on the fiscal cliff, but read more about what he said. he said, i'm extremely hopeful that the fiscal cliff issues can be resolved. he said, i don't believe the republicans are going to allow us to go over the fiscal cliff. a lot of parsing of these words. the dow did drop to 81 points on the low. we're now not far from those lows. we rallied more when people got details about what happened. if you look at the home builders, they're the leadership of the day. home prices are continuing to improve, up 3.6% year over year. finally a little news from companies. very upbeat guidance from corning. that's helping a number of the retailers today. las vegas sands and brown-forman, both announcing special dividends for the quarter. that's impacting those individual stocks. you'll see more of those special dividends and more moving up of the dividends from
the victory. he will also meet with congressional leaders. the fiscal cliff is looming pending whatever words you want to use to get it done, but the new congress, republicans know immigration reform is a priority. let's see what comes out of that meeting tomorrow. i would assume the mexican president will push president obama to get it done. president obama wants to get it done. he wants to keep the sort of onus on republicans to get something done. that, i think, will focus us a little bit on immigration reform, maybe a slight move off the fiscal cliff for a few hours tomorrow. >> in fact, i think the meeting actually starts this afternoon, so i misspoke on that. they might have wanted not to it talk about the drug war, but they have this horrible assassination now of the death of the mayor a fighter against the cartel and already lost her husband. it goes on. >> absolutely. i would say, andrea, always with these meetings you get to talk about what you want to talk about and also things you don't want to talk about. let's see what comes out of it when they greet the cameras and what they ha
. >> as the leader mentioned, the issues with regard to the fiscal cliff is pretty straightforward and the president in his press conference shortly after the election stated its his goal and priority, jobs and the economy. ought to be about jobs and the economy. republicans couldn't agree with him more which is why the proposal the president has put forward to solve the fiscal cliff raises taxes on a million small businesses who employ 25% of the work force and an accounting firm has done a study has said if the president's proposal went into effect which is to raise taxes on the small businesses out there that it would cost us over 700,000 jobs and reduce take-home pay by 2% and reduce economic growth by 1.3%. what the president is proposing to do would hurt jobs and the economy, which is again, i ironic in that the president's only solution to solve our fiscal cliff issue is to raise taxes. in 2010, we had the same debate. the president said you shouldn't raise taxes in the middle of a weak economy. at the time economic growth was 2.4 through the first three-quarters. this year, 2012, that same n
to "power lunch." it is a fiscal cliff faceoff. president obama meeting with small business leaders at the white house this afternoon to make his case for higher taxes ahead. we will also go to the home state of a kai player in tey pl talks. >>> the chevy volt struggling to work with car makers aed car buyers. why is general motors doubling down with its big bet in electric and has it jumped its sales? >>> facebook stock up 10% in the past week and 30% the past two months. has it finally turned a corpser? >>> speaking of corners, we have switched corners, tyler, the gentleman that he is, is braving you the snow and the ice in new york city and he is down on the floor of the new york estock exchange. >> a mucky day. not since 2008 has it been so high. more evidence the housing recovery is taking root. prices rising in the big cities but a warning we may head into a recession next year if the u.s. and europe don't solve their fiscal messes. right now the dow industrials a built of a breather down 21 points. >>> meanwhile, 34 days to the fiscal cliff. will a deal be done in time? today
the fiscal cliff. we have tracie potts with details from washington. >> reporter: today, president obama meets with small business leaders. a new white house economic report warns if tax breaks go away, the average middle class family will owe uncle sam $2,200 next year. >> middle class families should see an extension of the tax cuts. >> reporter: some republicans who have been dead set against raising taxes on anyone now hint they may consider other options. >> we have been open to revenue by closing loopholes as long as it is tied to spending cuts and pro-growth tax reform that broadens base. >> you don't raise rates. you cap the amounts of eitemize deductions. >> reporter: america is borrowing too much money trying to keep social security and medicare afloat. >> there will come a point in time where we can't borrow anymore money and interest rates will sky rocket. >> this congress is already one vote away from avoiding the fiscal cliff. >> reporter: and no word yet on when the next white house meeting will happen. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >>> thank you. the governor of new
. >>> they are pushing to avoid the so called fiscal cliff looming at the end of the year. all week long they have meetings with small business leaders and on friday, the president will visit a toy track are you in virginia -- toy factory in virginia. he will continue to push tax cuts for middle income americans and letting them expire for people who make more than $250,000 a year. they coming up, more on hurricane katrina. they are asking for $42 billion in aid. that includes 9 billion to prepare for the next big storm. last month's storm flooded the subway train system, and knocked out power for days. >>> get ready, we are about to get hit with several storms which are taking aim on the bay area. live with how to prepare and what to prepare for, alex? >> reporter: well, good morning, the north bay is expected to get hammered by a series of storms and the residents are getting prepared an auction see the sand bags are being filled and they are making these bags for the flooding that is certainly a possibility with all the rain that is expected. lots of people will be stopping by here throughout t
cliff by the numbers since that early constructive meeting with the congressional leaders and the president. the numbers are all one. there's one month left for these leaders to figure it out. two, 1.4 it is is the amount to be shaved off by gdp and one is the amount of trillions of dollars that democratic aides, senior democratic aides tell me is necessary to get a deal wit end of the year with the remaining 3 trillion of savings coming in the early part of next year, ants finally one is the number of phone calls made over the weekend between president obama and house speaker john boehner so there hasn't been a lot of concrete progress, but there is total progress in terms of the mood that members take into this. over the weekend we heard republican senators, as you alluded to, larry, breaking the so-called grover norquist pledge against raising taxes and white house press secretary jay carney reacted positively. >> some of the comments you mentioned are welcome, and they represent what we hope is a difference in tone and approach to these problems and a recognition that
the fiscal cliff could start even before new year's day. one republic leader says it's up to the president to break the stalemate. plus, woulder now learning how much u.s. troops will not be leaving afghanistan, even when afghan forces take charge of their own security. wait. some troops will be staying behind? wait until you hear this as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news. ce- what starts with adding a friend... ♪ ...could end with adding a close friend. the lexus december to remember sales event is on. this is the pursuit of perfection. i heard you guys can ship ground for less than the ups store. that's right. i've learned the only way to get a holiday deal is to camp out. you know we've been open all night. is this a trick to get my spot? [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. save on ground shipping at fedex office. that's right. so it's like i won. sure. oh my gosh i won!!! i won!!! [ male announcer ] get a $100 walmart gift card when you buy any android or windows 8 smartphone. through december 1st. from america's gift headquarters. walmart. thro
leaders. that is what is happening so far this week. in the negotiations or the fiscal cliff. public events, private meetings, so far they are not set a date for them to get together. some quick headlines. tensions intensified in egypt as the muslim brotherhood president -- he has met with judicial leaders. that is the latest of egypt. and the los angeles times, syria is now a shell of its old self. the los angeles times reporting on that. and then this tension debate on whether susan rice should become the next secretary of state. this is the washington times. but as far back to our discussion this morning for all of you. going off the fiscal cliff, some democrats are saying that the possibility and wouldn't be so bad. steve, on our line for republicans, what do you think? caller: i totally agree with the caller from texas who said that we should return to the clinton era tax law. just think of that era we had. we had a budget surpluses. and we had a winning prosperity. i do not think we need to fear returning to the clinton tax law. and as the caller said from texas, the democrats
the fiscal cliff could do a lot of damage to the lgbt community. leaders say it could result in more employment and housing discrimination against lgbt citizens, lower quality health care, limited homeless aid, and less in school tolerance and anti-bullying programs. of course this cliffside showdown has roots in the losses on election day. and while that came to a rebuke as many in the gop for lgbt conservatives, it also represents an opportunity for a political reboot. the gop has long attracted a male demographic, both gay and straight who back the party's small government, big military message. but one group often underestimated in the landscape is the lesbian population. casey pick, it's good to have you on the show. and i want to bring this up. because the new york sometimes did a story on this. and i want to read you a quote from their story. it says that gay activists say in many cases these unicorns were republicans before they were gay, driven by libertarian principles, they often did not acknowledge their sexual orientation even to themselves until middle age. now, just a
the upcoming fiscal cliff. president obama met with the heads of both the house and the senate before the thanksgiving recess. and the group called for a second meeting this week. a senate democratic aide said talks though in the last week have not been very productive. the fact that this second meeting has not been scheduled yet could be a sign that congress is not making as much progress as it had hoped. we are hearing some republican lawmakers saying they are willing to break with grover norquist's pledge to never raise tax revenue. but they're still talking more about capping deductions and closing loopholes rather than raising actual tax rates. in order to reach a compromise, republicans will need to agree to some form of increased tax revenue and to convince them to do that, the democrats will likely have to accept some deep cuts to entitlement programs like medicare and medicaid. there are just 35 days left until the end of the year but top lawmakers say they are still confident they can reach a compromise. democ
board room a lot of hammering over the fiscal cliff. some 35 days away now. business leaders are calling for action. listen to this plea from the group the business round table. >> america's ceos have a message for washington. >> top priority for us is to advance policies that will get the u.s. economy growing again. >> the country has to have a higher rate of growth. that begins with addressing the fiscal cliff issue. >> so, bipartisan bottom line, right? not quite. you see those business leaders have a vested interest in which spending should be cut and which loopholes closed. and let's just say what's old is new again. alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange with a closer look. put this in language we can understand as people who are not ceos. >> many of these high-level ceos, carol, are part of this movement, this campaign to fix the debt we've been hearing so much about. this includes some of the biggest heads of business that are out there. and some have been more outspoken than others when it comes to what needs to get done to get a handle on the deficit. it also has a lot
stump to round up support for his economic plan to get off the fiscal cliff. chief washington correspondent james rosen tells us that has the congressional republicans feeling left out. >> ultimately, the leader is the president of the united states. >> this president in leading the white house and senate democrats in negotiations with the house republicans over how the avoid the so-called fiscal cliff decided for now to forgo further talks with the top lawmakers. task now delegated to the treasury secretary geithner it go and others. instead, president obama is utahing this critical week to meet with the ceos from small and big business and middle class taxpayers before boarding air force one on friday for campaign style rally in the philadelphia area. >> rather than sitting down with lawmakers of both parties an working out an agreement, he is back on the campaign trail. we are not going to this problem creating villains and drumming up outrage. >> he will be out trying to i'm sure zero in on those states that are represented by members of the house and the senate. to try to
coverage starts at 1130 eastern also on c-span. we are likely to about the fiscal cliff during the senate session today getting underway at 10 a.m. eastern, just over a half hour from now. after the gavel and majority leader reid will be recognized to speak and will likely outlined the schedule for the day which could include debate on defense programs and policy, and possibly legislation to do with equal rights, people with disabilities. centers will us from 12:30-2:15 eastern for weeks the party meetings. live coverage of the senate and members gavel in right here on c-span2. right now some debate from the floor of the senate yesterday between majority leader reid and republican leader mitch mcconnell. d, w they talkede about potentialit't changes to filibuster rules. here's some of what they had to say. >> i'd like to turn to anotheras issue that doesn't grab as manyt utadlines as these others we'veb been focus on the last few days o the mortal threat that has been quietly gathering against one of the most cherished safeguards of our government. i'm referring to the latest effort by so
.s. military budget will take place automatically -- if the country falls over the fiscal cliff. >> coming up, a new mozart interpretation that uses the latest in animation technology. >> but first, a roundup of stories making news now. the former israeli opposition leader has announced she will return to politics to lead a new party called the movement. the former foreign minister says the party will run in january elections. she described it as an alternative that will push for peace for the palestinians. >> in britain, at least two people have been killed in flooding that followed days of heavy rains. some 800 homes throughout the country are under water. prime minister david cameron pledged government help for the victims. the floods of the worst since 2007 when much of the nation was inundated, causing damages estimated in the millions of pounds. >> the president of belarus says he is proud to be the last dictator in europe. the comments came during a rare interview with the voyagers news agency -- the reuters news agency. westerners have pressured him to grant more freedom. >> all too o
. >> this congress is already one vote away from avoiding the fiscal cliff. >> one vote could keep players still far from agreement. >> and no word yet on when the next white house meeting may happen between the president and these key leaders on capitol hill. lynn? >> tracie potts in washington. thank you. >>> authorities in cairo are bracing for more protests in tahrir square as outrage grows over egyptian president mohamed morsi's decision to grant himself sweeping new powers. we have a live report from cairo with the latest. iman, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. thousands are pouring into the square angered by the decree. let's talk about the protests taking place. close to tahrir square is the u.s. embassy. today riot police outside the embassy compound fired teargas, pelted protesters with rocks to try to keep them back. the protesters also exchanged throwing stones at the riot police. that incident brings back serious concerns for u.s. officials because several months ago, back on september 11th a similar scene erupted outside the u.s. embassy. there's growing concern about the secur
and harry reid over the weekend about avoiding the fiscal cliff. the president will meet with small business owners today. tomorrow he meets with middle class americans who would be affected by tax hikes and more business leaders. friday he's going to travel to hatfield pennsylvania where he will give campaign style remarks to get support for congress to negotiate the right kind of deal. we are back with more steph after this. ♪ [ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪ >> yahoo, it is the "stephanie miller show," welcome to it. 1-800-steph-1-2 toll free from everywhere. steven weber. he will be there nobody panic he will be right there. charlie pierce said some good stuff about the fiscal cliff and other things. this is going to be a fascinating discussion. the president playing three dimensional chess. told you so. >> never mind. >> never mind. >> corn? when did we book corn? [ laughter ] >> oh, you kids. i swear. all right, you know what? i think there's a little estrogen in the clubhouse. ♪ ♪ >> hi, jackie schechner. >> good morning
calling the fiscal cliff. and yet the consumers we have been talking about are not acting very worried. trying to capitalize on the strong holiday shopping season, the president warned that the economy will spiral downward if it is not addressed. >> i think it is a reason that retailers are so concerned. that congress has not yet extended the middle class tax cuts. >> reporter: the report also estimates that consumer spending could drop by $200 billion by 2013. 31st, there will be a massive fiscal cliff, of large spending cuts and tax increases. >> reporter: the federal reserve chairman coined that term last spring, restoration of 2% in payroll taxes, expiration of unemployment benefits and $110 billion in automatic cuts, to programs like defense. the political sticking points? tax rates, most democrats want tax rates for those making $250,000 a year to go up. republicans want it to stay the same, but would limit the deductions and close loopholes. there is a disagreement on who should be considered wealthy warren buffet argues that the timeline for the rich should be raised from $250
to hammer out the agreement between the president and congressional leaders to avoid the looming fiscal cliff. spending cuts and tax hikes kicking and and analysts say it could kick is back into a recession. gerri willis is here to get it straight. >> i wish i could. >> is a mind-boggling we had made no progress? >> what has happened? absolute nothing now the president will go to the street he thinks the election is still on? i know understand going to pennsylvania but today he meets with middle-class americans. i would like to see all of the elite people to sit down until you get something. said in a little bit of food >> debt deal. you know, that it will go to the last minute when you see what compromise has happened. >> i do not see anybody who wants to compromise. tracy: we have heard all along it is not just a deal but a good one. the future of the economy hinges on this. >> $3,500 per american of nothing happens. tax increases across the board. the economy is in the tank is not something we can sustain. we're already in recession or added tipping point*. that is really what we sh
for signals coming out of washington on the fiscal cliff. and they didn't like what they heard when senate majority leader said he was disappointed with the talks with the republicans to this point. >> we have time. the moment harry reid started speaking you can see the charts that it all falls at the exact moment when he said they thought there would be more progress with the republicans.
understand the fiscal cliff is a scary and a series of living tax hikes. it could damage the economy. president obama has been pressuring congressional leaders to reach a compromise that increases taxes on wealthy americans. a handful of republicans are suggesting they might break their pledge to never vote for higher indicate taxes. >> and for the good of the country only if democrats would do a title that. >> the pledge that we signed 18-20 years ago but the world has changed. >> is music to the ears of the white house but disturbing to this man. the anti-tax crusader that cut republicans to tax no tax- agreement. it >> if you want to go to your voters and say i promised to this and i am breaking the promise you have that conversation. >> if he seems confident so for these numbers are not on his side. 258 members of congress that have signed the pledge with only one half dozen have publicly expressed doubts about it. the test of weather they are were ready to break the tax increase will, in the next six weeks. catherine heenan, kron 4. >> the state of york is requesting nearly $42
the fiscal cliff. the first strategy, of course, and the first bullet point is when president obama gets together with congressional leaders and they try to get some kind of resolution. the second bullet point, though, is to try to pressure the republican party and that's what we're seeing from president obama by going out to pennsylvania, to this manufacturing facility, that makes toys, including tinker toys and the k'nex building set. so we'll be doing that on friday. in addition, today it actually starts. pressure campaign begins today. they'll be meeting with small business owners at the white house. tomorrow it will be meeting with middle class americans who say that they will be impacted if congress doesn't fix the fiscal cliff. they'll also be meeting with business leaders this week. so we're seeing a two-prong strategy right now out of the white house. >> it starts moving in the realm of tinker toys you know it's getting very, very serious. we've seen some republicans, major republicans, come out the last few days saying they don't feel bound anymore by that americans for tax ref
. >> negotiations continue with president obama and congressional leaders about the fiscal cliff. we took your phone calls this morning on "washington journal" about that. >> host: at the daily news conference at the white house, jay carney, the spokesman there was asked about liberals who are advocating going off the so-called fiscal cliff. here's what he had to say. >> rather, he spoke with speaker boehner and senator reid over the weekend. he will meet with them at the appropriate time as well as obviously nancy pelosi and mitch mcconnell. so, the process that he began is continuing. we continue to be optimistic that a balanced approach is achievable. we know what the solutions are. i think what was said in an op-ed, one benefit of all the debates we've had, negotiations and discussions over the past couple of years on this issue is we know what the parameters of a balanced solution to these challenges looks like. they include both spending cuts and revenues, and entitlement reforms. they have to have all three legs to be a part of it. >> host: jay carney yesterday at the white house when he was
more is known about whether and not government leaders will be able to avert the fiscal cliff. >> taxes go up for everyone, less money to spend and you don't buy anything. >> one of the benefits of shopping on line is that you can do it from just about anywhere. with most people back to work on sun insider monday we're asking on facebook if you made any purchases from your job? if you have not done any cyber monday shopping yet it is still out there still time to snag a deal. >> the stakes are high and we need to address this in a serious way. >> this is the thumb and louise crowd. the ones who dream of higher taxes and bigger government. >> is only the house would consider freezing tax rates for 90 percent of the moment american families >> people want to know if washington is any closer to avoid the dreaded fiscal cliff. we'll have the latest on progress after the break. >> 36 days and counting until the fiscal cliff and washington lawmakers are heading back to work after thanksgiving break. there are hints of compromise in the air. most americans understand the fiscal cliff is scary
-called fiscal cliff. also tomorrow, the president has another meeting with business leaders following the one he had prior to the thanksgiving holiday. so -- friday, as i think you know, he'll be traveling to montgomery county pennsylvania to visit a business to talk about the need to extend these middle class tax cuts because businesses around the country depend on america's middle class to whier -- to buy their products. as i think was effectively outlined yesterday and you read about in the report he co-produced, the impact of raising taxes on the middle class would be significant to our economy. without w that, i'll take your questions. [inaudible] >> does everyone know he's leaving? very sad. >> thanks, jay. two questions on fiscal cliff, a senator said talking about medicare and medicaid both of those conversations should not be part of the plan to avert the fiscal cliff. doesn't that complicate the president's position, he has talked about balance, talked about the willingness to put entitlements on the table as part of a package and he's got a leader from his own party saying that should
majority leader harry reid indicated that little progress has been made in recent fiscal cliff talks. big surprise there. so you're welcome, investors. the major intoday sees slid on the news and the dow fell 89 points. >>> shares of green mountain coffee are skyrocketing after-hours. the company solidly beat expectations for fiscal fourth quarter earnings, pointing to strong sales of its k cup coffee & tea packs. >>> apple reportedly fired the manager behind apple maps. iphone software has been widely panned for flaws and inaccuracies since its launch back in september. what you really want is an accurate map, so there you go. >>> on to our top story tonight, president obama ups the ante on fiscal cliff pressure meeting with small business owners from all walks of live at the white house today. the million dollar question? what will be the real impact on small businesss? with me now, straight from that meeting in a fox business exclusive is the cofounder of book to the roots, an urban mushroom farm growing gourmet business. wow i have to ask yyu a lot about that because i don't understan
. remember this? the president predicting april process during the fiscal cliff talks and even wishing the house speaker a happy birthday. still nowhere near a solution to the democrats balanced approach. >> we remain hopeful and optimistic that we can achieve a deal. he will not sign an extension of bush-era tax cuts for the top 2 percent. >> we have already done more than a billion dollars worth of cuts. the richest of the rich will have to pay a little bit more. gerri: the voice of compromise. it will lead gop be forced to surrender their platform? let's ask our all-star political panel. former advisers to president george w. bush and daily beast columnist. to you first. the other republicans going to have to walk away from what they have long clung to which is the idea that we're not going to raise taxes, no way, no how. >> well, i think that president obama definitely has the upper hand in the situation. you have people coming out and saying we don't have on a this anti-tax pledge with grover norquist, a senior republicans, people like bill kristol. you have 12 new house members c
into the fiscal cliff negotiations, my advice to the president would be... it seems like our friends on the other side are having some difficulty turning off the campaign. we need to sit down and work this matter out. i think we have a clear sense that there's an opportunity here at the end of the year to do something something important for the country. >> brown: at the same time there were some signs on both sides of the aisle that there might be a little give in previous positions. republican senator bob corker of tennessee outlined his proposal in the "washington post." he called for tax revenue increases, including a cap on itemized deductions coupled with curbs on social security and medicare benefits. corker joined several republican senators and house members who have suggested they might abandon a longstanding pledge not to raise taxes. but the author of that pledge, conservative lobbyist grover nor quist, played down any hint he's losing influence. he called it, quote, a complete media-created frenzy. on the left, democratic senator dick durbin of illinois urged liberal groups to give w
is about over the fiscal cliff and someone has to lead it. the person they get elected leaders the president. i'm sorry, you either lead or you fail. >> there hasn't been a ton of willingness to compromise with president obama. that is in part because they believe that they have a mandate to hold firm. they promise that they are not going to raise tax rates and then they are going to keep that promise. so how much could leadership on the president's part change those hearts and minds? >> i think very easily. the bottom line, the president said, rather than the full 3%,, we will cappadocians and we will meet you halfway and we will start on entitlement reform. it is easy to do. the framework is there. but what is missing is leadership and the willingness to compromise. something that both guides, president and the republican leaders have to do with. megyn: i wonder if ron gets any kind of payment for this. the spokesperson for the cause. you know, if this works, whether he gets any kind of kickback. thank you guys so much you think you. >> thank you. megyn: coming up next, a ho
to avertthe fiscal cliff. a position that appears as odds with other democratic leaders. most notably, president obama. >> i believe that we have to continue to take a serious look at how we reform our intitlements because health care costs continue to be the biggest driver of our deficits. >> this spokesman reiterated that stance tuesday. >> when we're talking about a broad balanced approach to dealing with our fiscal challenges, that includes dealing with entitlements. >> an aide to durbin said the senator does not believe his position conflicts with the president's. rather he's making a clearer distinction between the short-term challenge of the fiscal cliff and the long-term problem of reducing the deficit, but any fiscal cliff offer without entitlement reform is widely seen as a non-starter with republicans. >> the reason we're having these negotiations is because washington democrats have spent money without any care for the cost or the future. and refused to do anything to protect long-term spending programs like medicare. a failure that is among the biggest single drivers of o
reid. he said he was disappointed there has been little progress in the fiscal cliff negotiations the dow down 89 points. >>> shares of green mountain coffee though jumping after the bell. the company brewed up better than expected fourth quarter results. investors also cheered the company's new hire. david: fiscal 2013 forecast. >>> the xbox may be the gift of choice for many holiday shoppers this season. microsoft said it sold more than 750,000 videogame consoles during the black friday week. that outpaced nintendo's wii u which sold 400,000 units in the first week on u.s. market. microsoft reports that the windows 8 operating system registered 40 million upgrades since its launch october 26th. that's the latest from fox business network, giving you business network, giving you the power to prosper can i help you? i heard you guys can ship ground for less than the ups store. that's right. i've learned the only way to get a holiday deal is to camp out. you know we've been open ll night. is this a trick to get my spot? [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. save on grou
after a long holiday weekend, but returned to the same worries about the fiscal cliff. and a new report from the white house added to the worries, showing that unless there's a deal on solving the crisis, the u.s. economy would suffer big time. the obama administration's economists estimate consumers would spend about $200 billion less next year than they would have otherwise. congress and the administration have only a few more weeks to nail down a deal. but that deal will have to address some tough issues, including entitlement reform. darren gersh explains. >> reporter: the big money in entitlements is in health care, and that means any grand bargain to avoid the fiscal cliff will slice away aone of the nation's most popular programs. >> medicare is clearly in the gunsights. >> reporter: it's possible congress and the president could agree to save $300 to $400 billion from medicare by cutting fees for doctors and hospitals. but analysts worry slashing payments won't make the health care system more efficient. >> this is not really a way to structurally change medicare and if you don'
.c. to see if we're any closer to seeing a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. alison? >> reporter: it doesn't seem that way. president obama called congressional -- congressional leaders. but he's not met with them since before the thanksgiving break. we're now just 35 days away from the tax increases and spending cuts that kick in as part of the of the fiscal cliff. there's still no signs of a deal. the democrats are echoing the president's demand for tax increases for the wealthy. >> he's promises that will not sign any bill that benefits the 2% of the americans. >> no tax increases now for promised spending cuts that won't materialize later. >> reporter: and president obama is holding a series of events at the white house and on the road trying to win more public support this week for his approach. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> 7:44. wall street seems to be teetering on that fiscal cliff as investors wait too react. pam cook -- wait to react. pam cook is here to tell us what is it at stake. what is at stake? >> a lot. it's being discussed on
to be as productive as some people had hoped, as you said, we are now 35 days until the fiscal cliff. what we do know, though, is that president obama did reach out to house speaker john boehner. he is the republican, the senate majority leader harry reid the democrat over the weekend, perhaps to try to jump-start the talks. as of now, as the house of representatives comes back today, as the senate came back yesterday, we're still very much in limbo on the fiscal cliff. >> here's something else we know. some major republicans have come out and they say that they don't feel bound by the americans for tax reform pledge. most recently we saw house majority leader eric cantor. do you believe more republicans will stick by this? >> what we're finding out right now zoraida is that there's a little bit of coming to jesus moment about how to fix the fiscal cliff. for republicans perhaps it is going to be higher taxes. for democrats there's going to have to be some changes to entitlement reform. but grover norquist has been really the person pushing this no tax pledge, has been on our airwaves. he's been talk
quarterly says that the white house remains hopeful that the fiscal cliff will be avoided, despite the comments we heard from senator minority leader mcconnell that the talks ran at an impasse. next, we take you to the august 2 done 11 house debate of the budget control act. the measures set up automatic spending cuts and tax increases. it passed by 259-16. >> we have missed an opportunity for a grand bargain. for months, others have looked to america and said, is this a nation that still pay their bills? we would do the unthinkable and default on our obligations. we are a more responsible and honorable mission than that. we are only at this point because the far right wing, for the first time in american history, has chosen to hold our economy hostage in order to enact the radical, ideological agenda for out of step with the majority of americans. these months have shown the american people who foot -- who puts our country's welfare first and who would rather have ideological purity at all costs. i am voting for this bill. not because i like this bill, although it does do some thi
? >> a lot to resolve at that hearing. >>> we're counting down to the fiscal cliff. over a month to go before everyone's taxes go up. both sides set to meet with business leaders this week. the company will take his campaign on the road, too, as more republicans appear willing to bend on their no new taxes pledge. jon karl is in washington. even though the president has been calling congressional leaders, they haven't made enough progress for another face-to-face negotiation. >> reporter: there's no face-to-face meeting even scheduled now between the president and congressional leaders. but i can tell you that high-level talks with staff are intensifying, with time running out. and republicans are expressing a newfound willingness to compromise on that long-standing republican pledge never to raise taxes. >> the pledge was designed -- >> reporter: meet the anti-tax enforcer. the man behind the pledge. grover norquist. >> republicans who vote for a tax increase are rat heads in a coke bottle. they damage the brand for everyone else. >> reporter: ronald reagan was part of the first pledge. and
-and fiscal cliff. we will take it to august of 117 debate -- august 2011 senate debate. >> this is a significant -- significant point in our country's financial history. decisions have to be made. . on march 22 of this year, i wrote president obama a letter indicating that i could not vote to raise the debt ceiling unless i saw substantial reductions in spending and structural changes in the way we do business in the united states congress and washington d.c. why i say there is no joy for me to be here today, in my view, we have failed to do either one. it would be irresponsible for us not to raise the debt ceiling. it would be equally irresponsible if we raise it without meeting the criteria i have outlined. while we will have a discussion of all of us as it continues today, and we will probably play quarterback after this is over to figure out what we have accomplished, in my view, it is important to know there are no such in this bill. there is only a reduction in the growth of spending. that reduction is so small. $21 billion reduced in the first year, in the growth
that would avoid that potentially devastating fiscal cliff that is looming over the u.s. economy right now. the president is meeting with small business owners at the white house today. he had a series of meetings with different business leaders over the last week. despite the warnings that the talks are stalling on capitol hill stuart varney joins me now, host of "varney & company" on fox business network. >> good morning, martha. bill:. martha: what are you hearing how this is going? >> it is impasse basically. the republicans said yesterday they accommodated the democrats they will agree to get more money from wealthy people from higher taxes but mitch mcconnell, senate republican leader, he says there has been no similar compromise from the democrats or the president. he says they are still holding out for higher tax rates on the rich and he says the radical left is prescenting the democrats and president and agreeing to serious reform from medicare. martha, i have to tell you. i got new numbers from medicare, from trustees, actually. medicare has to pay out in the future $42 trillion.
leaders will meet with several ceo's to brain storm how to avoid falling off that fiscal cliff. doug is joining us live from washington with the latest. are we going over the cliff or is this a slope? >> it's that thelma and louise moment. yeah. just over a month to go before we reach the cliff, if it gets that far. these are obviously the key players in all this, president obama and congressional leaders from both parties. they're not the only players and both sides are now look for input from the business community as to what should really happen here as get closer and closer to the cliff. from the president today, we're going to see the start of just an all-out pr blitz to raise taxes. he meets with small business owners today, tomorrow it's ceo's that will pay higher taxes. while the white house says he's seeking vicious his mind appears to be made up. >> he's made that clear, i've made that clear. others made it clear and that is a firm position. the reason noor is very practical, because you can't -- math tells us that you can't get the kind of balanced approach that you need w
treasury secretary tim geithner to lead negotiations on these fiscal cliff talks. rob and paula, back to you. >> both sides are going to have to give a little. both sides. should be interesting. the president now trying to make a public push. he's meeting with business leaders to try to sell this plan. the white house warning closer and closer, the average family will pay $2,200 more a year in taxes if we go over the cliff by the end of the year. >> republicans coupling this with the entitlement program saying, we will do this if -- comes down to say they're closing tax loopholes, yes, we will do so. raszing taxes, they don't want to do so. >> the president said during the first news conference. look, i understand the loophole argument you are making that is not enough money to get us where we need to be. seems to be a divide there. intense negotiations you can imagine behind closed doors and in front of the camera. >> closer we get the more leverage the president has. >> merry christmas, everybody. >>> well, moving on now to a unique brand of football from northern minnesota, the sta
? didn't they already figure out how to avoid the fiscal cliff? that's at c-span.org/fiscalcliff. also tweeting this afternoon, john tweeting that senator durbin is acting as democratic leader. idea that social security, medicare, aren't part of these talks is not sustainable politically or otherwise. also on capitol hill today, u.n. ambassador susan rice and acting c.i.a. director michael morell, met with members of congress to talk about the benghazi attacks. the attack on the ben ghazi consulate. following that meeting, senator lindsey graham, and ranking member john mccain spoke to reporters. u.n. ambassador rice is expected to meet with more individual lawmakers later this book. their briefing with reporters is about 10 minutes. >> we have had a very candid discussion about dr. rice and deputy director of the c.i.a. where significantly troubled by many of the answers we got and some we didn't get. evidence that it's overwhelming leading up to the attack on our consulate, the tragic death of the brave americans, and whether ambassador rice was informed sufficiently in order to give
know, we did just get an update from the white house on the fiscal cliff negotiations. just take a listen to this, if you would. >> the president spoke with the speaker of the house as well as the senate majority leader over the weekend. he will continue to have discussions with those two leaders as well as leader pelosi and senator mcconnell in the days and weeks coming forward. i don't have a schedule for those conversations to provide to you, but he will speak with them and meet with them as appropriate. >> senator, all this talking, will you tell us, tell americans if you're in the loop, if you are privy, tell us who is talking to who in these fiscal cliff negotiations and where are the talks happening? >> you know, i'm not included in those talks. i've been talking with the folks in my state in kentucky, though, and they're not interested in raising taxes, they think it is a bad idea for the economy. the only way to have a stimulus to the private sector is to leave more money in the private sector. the other thing that folks in kentucky don't understand is that why is it a f
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